need a wealth manager?

Take this quick self-assessment to help determine if it’s time for a Wealth Manager.


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question 1

I am concerned about protecting my wealth


question 2

I plan to retire in the next few years; I want to know if I have enough


question 3

We have saved over $250,000


question 4

We have accounts in so many places we can't keep track of all of it


question 5

I think we have enough life insurance but am not sure


question 6

We want a plan for our financial future


question 7

We've been retired for a while now but are concerned we might outlive our money


question 8

I have an aging parent for whom I may need to care in the future


question 9

I have small children I will want to send to college


question 10

We don't have our wills or a trust set up yet


question 11

I have a retirement plan through my work. But I don't know much about it


question 12

We are paying a lot in taxes. We want to know if we can do anything about it


question 13

We retired within the last few years and want to know if we are going to be okay


question 14

We hire experts to help us in areas where we are inexperienced


question 15

We need someone we can trust and who understands us


yes! It's time for a Wealth Manager.
We'd love to speak with you about how our process, The WealthPath can help. Please click here to contact us and get started.

no. you don't need a Wealth Manager at this time. We believe you would benefit from a review of alternate options at this time.

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