Envision | Map

We begin with a unique experience that’s all about you. What do you want? Where are you headed? How do you define happiness or success? We’ll help you define your vision and build a financial model to help achieve it.

Engage | Plan

We present your comprehensive WealthPath to help you see how your goals align with our financial strategy. We will review, discuss and adjust this plan until it meets your exact needs.

Activate | Project

Once approved, we enact the WealthPath. In Step Three we communicate proactively, routinely and precisely to keep your confidence in the process high and your complexity low.

Review | Affirm

In first phase
there is a lot
of activity and
change. Our
priority is to protect
your confidence and to streamline the process. We meet online or face-to-face to review account information, planning decisions and to discuss the online access to your accounts.

Evolve | Monitor

Each year we meet to review your WealthPath. Is the plan still accurate? Is it performing as we’d planned? Are you making progress? We look together at the past and then the future to revise as needed and embark again, together.


Planning your financial future requires a vision of what is, what could be, and how you will experience the journey along the way. The WealthPath is a unique approach to help you select and walk your path to financial health, growth and personal enrichment.

With a focus on you, your goals and a vision for your financial future, we provide specialized solutions and guidance. Our expertise includes financial planning, wealth accumulation, asset protection and legacy planning.